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Testing Report
Testing Items Standards Result
Thickness (厚度)   2.5mm
Wear layer (耐磨层)   1.0mm
Bevelled edge (导角)   Available
Dimension(Length,Sauqreness and straightness)
EN427 Pass
Thickness--Overall  总厚度 EN428 Pass
Thickness--Layers 耐磨层厚度 EN429 Pass
Mass per Unit area 单位面积重量 EN430 Pass
Peeling strength of layers  剥离力 EN431 84N
Shear force of layers  剪切力 EN432 386N
Residual indentation after static load
EN433 Pass   
Dimensional stability and curling after exposure to heat
EN434 Pass
Flexibility--10mm mandrel  柔韧性 EN435 Pass
Density 密度 EN436 Pass  
Wear resistance 耐磨性 EN660-1/-2 Group T
Color fastness to light  色牢度 ISO 105-B02 Pass  ≥Grade 6
Resistance to chemicals 抗化学品腐蚀性 EN423 Pass 
Bearing a castor chair  轮脚测试 EN425 Pass 
Flammability  防火测试 EN13501-1 Bf1-S1
Toxic element test  有毒物质检测 EN71-3 Pass
Slip resistance  防滑性 DIN51130              EN13893 ≥R9
Class DS
Resilient floor Coverings Classification
Domestic   23
Commercial   34
Light industrial   43
Sound reduction  吸音测试 ISO717-2 3dB
Thermal resistance 热阻测试 EN12664 0.14W/m.K
Static coefficients  of friction 静态摩擦系数
Sliding coefficients of friction 动态摩擦系数 
ASTM D2394 0.76
Formaldehyde emission 甲醛测试 EN717-1/EN14041 Class E1
Underfloor heating suitable(可否适用地热)   Suitable 
Adhesive (胶水)   High Temperature Adhesive
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Recycle (可否回收)   Suitable
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