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Strips: Adding strips to floor,you floor could be different concepts
Design Strip
Design strips are installed between tiles and planks to create a contrasting effect.
 ES509062-5 Beige
 P2027 Beech

 ES509062-2  Terracotta

9940 Brown
ES507151-1  Black

201 White

2107 Cherry Rosewood
Feature Strip

Feature strips can be used on floors to create a more highly realistic grout line effect.

Silver EP60182-1
Black  1418
Purple EP711254-1
Blue EP802184-1 
Orange EP602165-2
Available in 3 widths: 5mm,10mm,30mm
Packing: 200pcs/tube for 5mmx914.4mm
  100pcs/tube for 10mmx914.4mm
  30pcs/tube for 30mmx914.4mm